About us

Our Vision

Packline Systems’s vision is to create awareness among parents and guardians of little innocent children who are being molested on daily basis across the world by those who are saddled with the responsibilities of looking after these same innocent ones.

This awareness include creating avenues for monitoring and ensuring the safety of these future generation

The world as we know it today is degenerating in morals and most parents are too engrossed in trying to put food on the tables for their families at the expense of giving the little children sound and safe upbringing

This is the vaccum Packline Systems intends to fill with adequate and secure home and school environments

Our Mission

Packline Systems is determined to distribute across the world, home and school security devices that enable parents to monitor the movements of their wards

Packline Systems intend to bring these devices closer home at cheaper and affordable prices

Packline Systems is committed to the safety of the future generation

Therefore, we encourage parents to take the safety and innocence of their children seriously